Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I got picked!

Seriously, I got picked for something. Me! Picked! By Sarah at Naked Cupcakes (which, incidentally, is one of the better blog names I've come across recently. It makes me hungry and randy. Truly a lovely combo).

So ... I'm supposed to say six things I am a master at. I'm going to vote for:

1.) I am a master of modesty. No, seriously. You have no idea how modest I am.

2.) I am a master of sarcasm. No, really. You have no idea how serious I am about being sarcastic.

3.) I am a master of cuddling and b.j.'s. Ha! I'm kidding. (Sort of. Not really. ((Just kidding mom!)) I'm totally not.)

4.) I am a master of Better-than-average home cookery and baking

5.) I am a master of liquid eyeliner application.

6.) I am a master of ordering super-involved, pain-in-the-A orders at certain restaurants that I used to work at, like Red Robin, where I order a teriyaki chicken burger, on a plate with silverware, sub a whole wheat bun, with extra pineapple and a side of honey mustard dressing.

Annnd now I'm supposed to tag six people. Hmmm.

1.) SGL at Dating is weird
2.) Plumpdumpling at Unapologetically Mundane
3.) Thewritegal at Seasoned to taste
4.) Shannon at Wannabe Hipster Mom
5.) The Kama Mama
6.) Kelly at Bachelor Girl

OK, that was hard. Too much listing for one day.